Lisa Randall talks with Charlie Rose

The first half of this Charlie Rose Video (hat tip Edge) is devoted to an interesting, if introductory, interview with Lisa Randall where she talks about physics and higher dimensions. Entertaining.

(I guess Rose is famous in some part of the world, but i’d never heard of him before. He is a good interviewer, and i like the minimalist stage with its zen-like black background, and the use of full-screen slides every now and then.)


2 Responses to “Lisa Randall talks with Charlie Rose”

  1. kristo Says:

    Wb, jao. Now where have you been? Too much computer code on your hands, maybe? In any case, good to see you back.

  2. jao Says:

    Thanks, kristo. Yes, you’re mostly right: too much work related to LPF’s development lately (and, i’m afraid, during the next months). Nice to see you’re still hanging around, though :-)

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