Ghostly syllabus for new degree

Are you thinking about starting a Ph.D.? Podering string vs. loops? Condensed matter you say? Nah, doubt no more: finally, Coventry University offers you the degree you always wanted. Over at OmniBrain, all the, uh, gory details.

Uncle Al was all too right:

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.

Albert Einstein


One Response to “Ghostly syllabus for new degree”

  1. Luis Sanchez Says:

    After managing to control the laughter, I have decided to abandon the field of cosmology and astrophysics to enroll in this magnificent degree.

    Now, seriously, here in Mexico there are two famous quacks: Jaime Maussan and Carlos Trejo (by the way they really hate the other, it seems that they can’t tolerate that someone else scams people) that can join the faculty of this prestigious degree, the sad part of this is that despite most people can recognize them (and many consider them serious “researchers”), few can name a mexican scientist.

    So trying to compensate this, I mention here a few of the achievements of science in Mexico:

    I think it would be a nice idea for Jose to do something similar for the case of Spain.

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