A Quantum Game

More quantum non-local amusements, this time in the form of A Quantum Game based on Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger three particle entanglements: try to find the (perhaps by now not so) surprising answers before following the links to them. Those links are, by the way, to a blog, koantum matters, written by Ulrich Mohrhoff, a physics professor with some definitely non-mainstream ideas about the interpretation of quantum mechanics. As a matter of fact, i was on the verge of classifying him as a crackpot, but after reading his review on the so-called Pondicherry interpretation of QM, i must say that he’s an honest physicist doing a remarkable and original job. Of course, it’s for you to decide whether his ideas hold any water.

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One Response to “A Quantum Game”

  1. Ulrich Mohrhoff Says:

    Jee, thanks and thanks.

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