Mr. Doyle and Dr. Bell

I’ve been spending the evening reading An Entangled Web of Crime: Bell’s Theorem as a Short Story, a mystery history in the vein of Sherlock Holmes‘ that explores, in a very entertaining way, the non-locality of quantum mechanics, as exposed by the thought experiments of N.D. Mermin (allegedly, the most simple formulation of the EPR paradox). The article is an excellent way of learning about EPR-like problems, specially if you work out the proposed exercises before reading the answers. For more on Mermin’s ideas on these issues, one can read how he stopped worrying and loved Bohr.

As an aside, David Mermin also has an interest in the pedagogy of science and relativity, as shown in his Seven Principles for Teaching Relativity to Nonscientists, his recently published book It’s about time (which i haven’t read), and his very interesting essays on writing and talking physics.

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