Physics fiction

Just to start on the light side, i like to read novels and fiction featuring scientists, provided they present convincing, well-documented characters and situations. An excellent example of such a work i read recently (and wholeheartedly recommend) is Neal Stephenson‘s Quicksilver, where you’ll find Newton, Leibniz and the whole Royal Society playing an important part in the (otherwise fictional) history. Quicksilver’s sequels, which conform the so called Baroque Cycle, are awaiting in my shelves.

My other physics-fiction all time favourite is Gregory Benford‘s Timescape. Benford is a theoretical physicist, and it shows: this history about time travel is as sound as modern physics can make it.

I’m not much of a comic reader, but today this post captured my attention. Matt Fraction shares a sneak-preview of his forthcoming graphic novel, The Five Fists of Science, starring Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla in a race to save the world from Thomas Edison and J.P Morgan. The PDF preview looks pretty nice, with a charming nineteenth century atmosphere all around. Surely, not as good as Stephenson or Benford, but worth a look nonetheless.

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